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First off, this is not for sale. This is a representation of what can be done using our parts. Okay, let's move on.
Fender did a good job, but didn't quite get there. Tuners were wrong, and I'm sure because of trademarks they didn't do the Gibson decal residue on the headstock. The neck on the original was Birdseye with a regular Maple fingerboard; this is what made it a second and cheaper! One of the most commonly known details of this guitar! And I don't know about Fender, but the mess you see (5-way switch, spaghetti ball of wire, and the single coil pickup) in the pickup cavity later when the guitar is red is under the pickguard on ours. Oh, and as always, Fender made there version too pretty.
The specs of this custom Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein/VHI-1978 are here:
Swamp Ash Body
2-Piece Birdseye Maple Neck w/Plain Maple Fingerboard.
21 Jumbo Frets
Fender Tremolo
Brass Nut
.060" thick single-ply black pickguard, Schaller M6 180 tuners with small buttons.

What our customers say...

Hi, It is incredible indeed. I also built with 180 degree Schaller M6 and tremolo bridge from 50's Stratocaster and waiting for your VHI Frankie Pickguard. Now I want to try the strap. Any suggestion how to get the strap piece with conical shape studs? Best, Takaaki

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