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Tigris River 05
My name is Kyle Finch and I started Divebomb, Inc. after serving in the U.S. Army and the National Guard in Texas from 1997-2006. As an Airborne Infantryman in a LRS (Long Range Surveillance) unit I learned to never quit, even with 100+ lbs on my back in unbelievable heat or the pitch black of night in a foreign country. I do a lot of luthier work by hand, and every once in a while I smell like I did back then.
Guitar has been a passion since I was very young. I got my first lesson from our preacher (Ernie Maxwell) when I was probably about 7-8. I took it more seriously in my teens after hearing Eddie Van Halen play Eruption for the first time just like many of you.
Transitioning to civilian life is tough for some and it certainly was for me. Sitting at a desk wasn't an option. It was early 2006 and I don't really remember what prompted me to go to a hardwoods dealer in Houston to buy some Northern Ash to cut a guitar body, but something did and when I finished it someone bought it.
I bought two more blanks and put a little money in my pocket. It was bodies only for the first year and then on to necks. I cut a cheap neck I picked up on eBay to see how a 1-way trussrod worked and then I was off and running. We use the vintage 1-way rods exclusively even though they're harder then the newer 2-way adjustable trussrods.
Since then Divebomb, Inc. has grown out of half of a garage, to all of a garage, to an 1800 square ft shop with a paint booth.
We've always made some of the most accurate Eddie Van Halen guitar replica bodies, necks, and parts, and this was the main focus for us for many years, but we also do complete Custom Shop builds. Our DB Tele is one of our favorites to build! Because of volume we do use a CNC now for the initial cutting of bodies, but the tapering and contours are done by hand. Our necks (aside from one) are 100% hand made and we like it that way.
Tigris River 05
Big Rock Show 'Headliner'
Big Rock Show 'Headliner'

I own the Headliner and it’s bad ass! 14” radius , Seymour’s...